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Day 2 of  My Photo Fic Challenge, photo prompt from ekinham
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It’s been almost a year since the wedding that wasn’t, and neither of them find the need to drive out to the Hamptons. When her Dad offers up his cabin in Adirondacks for the 4th of July, the entire family jumps at the chance to get away from the scorching summer heat that seems to have settled onto Manhattan.

There small little family of five pile into his SUV, Jim behind the wheel. Jim asks Castle to be his copilot to everyone’s surprise but Kate’s, but at her look of encouragement Castle easily relents and joins his father-in-law in the front seat, while the three women in his life pile up in the back, chatting away for the 4 hour drive.
A few hours later, he leaves his mother and Jim to prepare dinner. He’s not too worried, because his mother is perched on a stool, glass of cranberry juice in her hand as she chats animatedly to Jim about her latest shenanigans in her acting school. It’s clear that his mother is only there to entertain, while Jim does most of the cooking. He goes in search of his wife and daughter knowing that they can’t be too far. When he opens the back door to the patio, he’s greeted with loud laughter, bringing a smile to his lips.  The old wooden stairs creak at his added weight as he makes his way down the stairs, the wind running through his hair, the smell of the lake mist tickling his nose. It’s only his second time to this cabin, and he still can’t stop marvelling the huge expanse of lake and mountains before him. 

He sees them before they can see him, his wife is dressed in loose tan coloured pants, that only reach her knees and a fitted top. She’s perched on the edge of an old metal wicker chair, knee pressed against her chest. Her hair is blowing widely in the wind as she laughs loudly at whatever tale his daughter is telling her. Her cheeks are red, and her skin is just glowing under the afternoon sun. Only, he knows it not just the summer sun that has her glowing, they have already known for two weeks, and already he’s bursting at the seams, eager to tell their family. They are only halfway through the summer, and already it is shaping up to be much better than the last two summers that they had spent apart. 

“Dad, are you going to stand there all day, are you going to join us?” Alexis calls out, her hand over her forehead as she looks across at him, blocking out the sun behind him.

She’s sitting on the grass, legs folded under her as she gazes up at him expectantly. His baby is entering her final year of college in the fall. It’s both terrifying and exhilarating to know that this time next year he will be letting one child go off into world on her own and a next one that will be dependant on him for everything. He’s really doing it all over again, he must be insane. 

He looks across at his wife and daughter, his wife gesturing for him to join them, her knowing smile making his heart flutter.  He’s not insane, just ridiculously in love. He crinkles his nose at the thought, and apparently his wife isn’t the only one going through mood changes, cause he’s  suddenly turned into a sap.

You’ve always been a sap, Castle. A voice, sounding scarily like Kate, says in his head, he chuckles lightly to himself as he makes his way over to his girls.

“You were miles away, Dad.” Alexis points out, her blue eyes narrowing in thought as she bites on her bottom lip, looking at him closely. “Everything okay?”

He looks across at Kate expectantly, his eyes wide, and once she nods he quickly turns around to his daughter. Alexis looks back and forth between the two of them curiously, despite the fact that she’s all too used to their silent conversations. When her big blue eyes locks with his, he suddenly finds his mouth dry unable to form the words he’s been dying to say since Kate told him there were two lines on the little blue stick.

“Uh…Kate and I…well sweetie…” He fumbles for a moment. He can see Kate laughing at him at the corner of his eyes, both knees pressed to her chest as she looks on in amusement.

“Are the two of you having a baby?” Alexis prompts, her blue eyes twinkling in merit, smile stretched across her face as she enjoys his discomfort. 

He spins around to glare at Kate accusingly, but Kate raises her hands in defence, eyes wide, “I didn’t tell her.”

“I was home last week, the day the doctor called.” Alexis supplies, her own cheeks now pink.  

Castle’s eyes widen in horror at her words, he glances at Kate, whose red cheeks are no longer from laughter, as she too remembers what transpired after that doctor conversation. 

“I didn’t…I wasn’t…” Now it’s his daughter’s turn to stutter out an explanation, but more in embarrassment than anything. She takes a deep breath and continues, “I left after the conversation. I figured you two….”

“Okay!” He says loudly, clapping his hands, almost as though that would erase the images in his mind, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Why didn’t you?” Alexis counters, her eyes narrowing, but on seeing their nervous expressions she rolls her eyes and smiles, “Relax Dad, I figured you two wanted to wait for the perfect moment, or whatever.”

“I wanted to wait till the 12 weeks mark.” Kate pipes up. She bites her lip as she plays with her wedding band nervously, “You know given my age…but your Dad…”

“She is in perfect health.” He promises, noting his daughter’s own worried expression. He takes a step towards Kate so that she can wrap her arms around his waist, he places a kiss on her forehead and looks across at his daughter, “Both she and the baby are fine.”

Alexis smiles brilliantly, reassured at his words, “I’m really happy for you guys.”

He sags against Kate in relief at his daughter’s words, as Kate rubs his back. Both of them know despite his enthusiasm to tell their family, he was still worried about how his daughter would take the news. But, as he listens to Alexis enquire more about the pregnancy, and make plans with Kate to go baby shopping, he slowly realizes he had nothing to worry about.